It could be argued that plastics is the single most important material developed by modern man. The broad spectrum and versatile application of polymers have enabled industries to drive forward development and innovation to the betterment of mankind. The downside of the widespread use of this miraculously versatile material is the pollution created by the irresponsible and reckless approach to its disposal. The environmental impact of plastics as a pollutant will surely be felt by generations to come. 

Governments, industry and environmental institutions are demanding solutions. The year 2018 has been the year of commitments to a circular world economy.

Plastic Recycling Africa takes action to realize these commitments. We develop and operate recycling plants in Africa.   

Plastics Recycling Africa strives to contribute to the sustainable future of plastics through the development of circular solutions unlocking the value of this waste stream on the African continent. 

Our mission is to change the perception of plastics from a dangerous pollutant to a  valuable resource. 

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